NE State Fair Birthing Pavilion Volunteers Needed

NE State Fair Birthing Pavilion Volunteers Needed

It’s that time of year again for the NVMA to request volunteers to assist at the Nebraska State Fair
Birthing Pavilion. As our public relations chair, I invite you to consider spending time with your
colleagues while educating the public on animal husbandry and health. There is a link to sign up for a
time slot(s). We are encouraging all veterinarians and their health care team members to participate.
Free passes for entrance into the fair will be provided (up to 4 tickets per volunteer) and available to pickup at the fair will-call booth. Please feel free to visit the fair’s website at to learn more about the fair.

The dates of the Nebraska State Fair this year are Friday, August 25th to Monday, September 4th. The birthing pavilion is open from 9 am to 9 pm each day (except Monday, September 4th it closes at 5 pm) and we have 3 different shifts of volunteers per day with a minimum of 2 volunteers per shift.

The Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association, in conjunction with representatives from the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, use the birthing
pavilion as an opportunity to help educate the public about food animal production and veterinary
medicine in general. Veterinarians from the Animal Medical Clinic and Central City Veterinary clinic will
be on staff during the fair to assist in health care needs for the pavilion animals. NVMA volunteers will
be there to answer questions from the public about these topics. While there may be animals that need
care, the expectation is not for NVMA members to become directly involved with treatment. You will
not need to bring equipment or medication with you to the birthing pavilion. Dress does not need to be
fancy. A nice shirt and blue jeans or casual slacks are sufficient as you will be among the animals as you
point things out to the public. A scrub top will be provided for you, so you don’t need to bring your
own. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

The birthing pavilion has proven to be one the MOST POPULAR exhibits at the fair and would not be
possible without the NVMA. Please consider supporting this venture!!!

Dr. Missy