NVMA Volunteer Opportunities

The NVMA provides many opportunities for our members to be engaged. Are you looking for a way to get connected? Take a look at our current committee offerings.

Awards Committee

Responsibilities: The NVMA awards committee is charged with reviewing and selecting the annual NVMA awards to include:

• Distinguished Service Award
• Commercial Representative Award
• Licenced Veterinary Technician
• Young Veterinarian of the Year
• Veterinarian of the year
• NVMA Animal Hall of Fame

Time commitment: 1-3 Zoom meetings prior to the Winter Conference plus email contact as needed.

Committee Members:

Christi Hafer, chair
Matt Hille
Ann Kramer
Steve Krull
Beth Palmer
Kim Scully
Brent VanPatton

Continuing Education

Responsibilities: The charge of the CE Committee is to fulfill the needs of the members by providing high quality, diverse educational opportunities available at an affordable price to as many members of the Association as possible. The target audience of these meetings should include all NVMA members, veterinary technicians and veterinary office staff.

Time Commitment: The Committee will meet a minimum of four times per year with other meetings called as needed and supplemented by alternate means of communication such as e-mail, zoom, etc.

Committee Members:

Jeremy Young, chair
Kristin Bohling
Sarah Boysen
Micheal Cover
Dicky Dee Griffin
Barrett Huneke
Nathan Kotschwar
Steve Krull
Dustin Loy
Richard Paumer
Erich Rackwitz
Lisa Reddington
Shari Sandoz
Mike Slattery
Brian Vander Ley
Lindsay Waechter Mead
Ron Wallman
Kassie Wessendorf
David Ylander

Finance Committee

Committee Charge: The charge of the Finance Committee is to oversee the association’s budgetary process by preparing an annual budget for consideration by the board of directors and monitoring income, expenses and investments throughout the year. Along with performing an audit of the NVMA’s financial affairs, and QuickBooks.

Time Commitment: The committee will meet a minimum of 2 times per year, typically via Zoom.

Committee Members:

Anna Fitzwater – NVMA Treasurer, chair
Kristin Bohling, chair mentor
Emily Buettner
Aaron James Colwell
NVMA President Elect

Government Relations Committee

Committee Charge: The charge of the NVMA Government Relations Committee is to:

  • Ensure that there is adequate and appropriate monitoring, lobbying and oversight on federal and state legislation and issues that could affect the NVMA and its membership.
  • Make recommendations to the NVMA Board of Directors regarding any government activities that could affect veterinary medicine.

Time Commitment: a minimum of 2 times a year and will be available during the legislative session to meet by conference call, Zoom, e-mail, etc.

Committee Members:

Jessika Benes, chair
Rick Cockerill , chair mentor
AVMA Delegate
AVMA Alternate Delegate
Stephanie Adams, LVT
Bruce Brodersen
Michael A. Cover
Ronald Dobesh DVM
Becky Funk
Phil Hardenburger
Sadie Kahlin, LVT
Lance Roasa
Nicki Thompson, LVT

Membership Committee

Committee Charge: The charge of the Membership Committee is to:

  • Coordinate membership recruitment and retention program activities.
  • Honor the lives of members who have passed away.

Time Commitment: Meet at least one time per year with other meetings called as needed and supplemented by alternate means of communication such as e-mail, etc.

Committee Members:

Barrett Huneke, chair
Dale Grotelueschen, chair mentor
Kaci Groene
Anthony McClary
Robert (Bob) Parker
Matt Talbot
Erica Thiel

Public Relations Committee

Committee Charge: The charge of the Public Relations Committee is to:

  • Promote a better understanding of veterinary medicine through a variety of public outreach efforts and marketing to both the public and association members and provide educational opportunities for the public in the form of live animal demonstrations pertaining to veterinary medicine each year at the Nebraska State Fair.

Time Commitment: Meet meets at least 2 times per year.

Committee Members:

Missy Girard Lemon, chair
Central City Vet Clinic
Karla Huneke
Barrett Huneke
Dave Lee