Deadline October 15

Application Deadline October 15

Scholarship applications now being accepted.
Application and recommendation forms
are due no later than October 15.
The online form is located below.
There will be 25 scholarships of varying amounts totaling $29,900. Recipients will be informed by December 1.



  • Have completed two semesters of veterinary education and pursuing completion of the professional program.
  • Graduate of a Nebraska High School or State of Nebraska approved Home School Program.
  • The applying student must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • There are no restrictions or special favorable consideration as to race, marital status, sex, religious affiliation, physical limitations or otherwise.
Application Process
  • Completed online application form (the online form is below).
  • Three completed online recommendation forms, from the following, must accompany the completed application:
    • A non-related Nebraska Veterinarian for whom the applicant has worked.
    • A non-related Faculty member or advisor at the Veterinary school the applicant is attending.
    • A non-related personal reference.


  • A written statement from the Dean of the veterinary school the applicant is attending, clearly indicating the student applicant’s satisfactory academic standing, should accompany the completed application. Upload the Dean’s statement at the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Such additional information that the applicant desires to submit to the NVMA Student Scholarship Committee to bring to their attention any unusual circumstances or burdens faced by the applicant. Such information shall be in narrative form, directed to the Committee, and not more than one typewritten 8 ½ X 11 page, detailing the facts or circumstances to be considered.
  • Completed applications are due no later than October 15th of each year.
Method of Selection
  • Selection to be made by the NVMA Student Scholarship Committee with consideration given to financial need, academics, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Scholarship winners to be selected by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Notification of winners will be sent out by December 15th.
Allocation of Funds
  • Normally all scholarship grants to be given once a year.
  • Each scholarship grant will be a minimum of $250.00.
  • Scholarship grants will be based on available funds and the decision of the Committee.
  • Scholarship money to be made payable to the University and student and sent directly to the University for distribution.
  • Scholarship money is to be sent to the corresponding veterinary school in January.

Apply Now

You must be registered and signed in as a student member of the NVMA to complete the application survey form at the link below. A student membership is free. You can register here.

You must be signed in to your NVMA account before you begin the application survey form. You may complete part of the survey form and leave the website, and then come back to the link below to finish it later. The answers you enter will be preserved within the system. Responses to all questions are required. Type N/A in boxes where information is unavailable or if the question does not apply to your situation. Use the links at the bottom of the page to upload a PDF of your dean’s statement.