NCSF Fall Scholarship Recipients

NCSF Fall Scholarship Recipients

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    The NVMA Centennial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

By Dr. Bob Stout, Treasurer


The NVMA Scholarship Committee, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Theresa Kelliher has released the 2022 fall scholarship awards.  Eighteen qualified applications were received and evaluated by the committee and awards totaling $27,200 were made.

The recipients this year were seventeen sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the UNL/ISU 2+2 program plus one student attending Texas A & M.

Austin Lange

Bronze Scholarship    

Hannah Evans

Dr. & Mrs. Oliver Grace; Dr. Cap Dierks Memorial; Dr. O.H. and Ruth Person

Abigail Burroughs

Dr. & Mrs. Bob Essig

Amelia Burkinshaw

Dr. & Mrs. John Cerny; Dr. O.H. and Ruth Person Scholarship

Catherine Theiler

Jeanine Cockerill Memorial

Erin Weaver

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Anderson

Felicia Pandorf

Pet Memorial Scholarship

Fina Choat

Auxiliary Scholarship

Loren Person

Dr. Van Sandstedt Memorial

Melanie Herbers-Wendt  

Pet memorial Scholarship

Michael Wolfe


Niki Rice

Dr. Rex Emery Memorial

Samantha Laham

Jan Weiler Memorial; Dr. Steve and Raymond Wright Scholarship

Sarah Schuelke

Bronze #2 Scholarship

Taylor Stander

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rhoades Family Scholarship

Tucker Randall

Dr. & Mrs. Oliver Grace Scholarship; Dr. Al Doster Scholarship

Charmayne Strong

Auxiliary Scholarship

Rachel Busselman

Dr. Boyd Burhoop Memorial

Earlier this fall the second installment of scholarships earned in 2021 were issued to Hannah Evans (Bronze Scholar) and Madeline Misfeldt (Francis Langan Neumann/Rosemary Kramer Neumann Scholarship)

The Board of Directors offers their congratulations to these hard-working and talented individuals, their mentors, and to those donors who make the scholarships possible.