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NVMA Scholarship Recommendation

Share the link to this page with individuals who are asked to recommend scholarship applicants.

Please complete the entire form and submit. Partially completed forms are not saved. The form must be completed in one sitting. All information will be held in strictest confidence by the Foundation.
In the following section, you will be asked to evaluate the applicant on eight traits. Use this guide to aid your understanding of what we are trying to illuminate:

Intellectual Ability: Comprehensive, logical mind, common sense, perception, independent thinking.

Motivation: Interest in the profession, seriousness dedication.

Initiative: Enterprising, resourceful, self-reliant, independent.

Perseverance: Industry, application, diligence, completes assignments.

Emotional Stability: Maturity, dependable, poised, adaptable, self-controlled.

Honesty and Integrity: Responsible, high principles, ethical, conscientious, respectful.

Ability to Work with Others: Attitude toward & cooperation with instructors, students, associates; considerate, friendly.

Ability to Listen and Follow Directions: Alert, questions for better understanding.

Leadership: Leadership style, commitment, accountability, fairness, caring, citizenship.

Please add any comments or observations concerning this applicant’s character or abilities which you feel may assist in consideration for selection.

Once you complete this form and submit it, the form will be digitally transmitted to the Committee. Thank you for supporting our scholarship effort.