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Dr. Joseph and Sonya Landholm Scholarship
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In 2001 Dr. Joseph and Sonya Landholm established an endowed scholarship within the NVMA Centennial Scholarship Foundation for the advancement of Veterinary Acupuncture. The purpose is to aid veterinary students and veterinary practitioners who seek to obtain training leading to certification in veterinary acupuncture. Dr. and Mrs. Landholm were longtime Nebraska residents. Dr. Landholm practiced in Lexington and later in Lincoln, Nebraska and is a Life Member of the NVMA. He was noted as an innovator and was one of the first certified veterinary acupuncturists in the Midwest. The Landholms currently reside in Sedona, Arizona.

The online Landholm Scholarship application form is at the bottom of this page.

Requirements for Eligibility, Application, and Financial Considerations


Applications will be accepted from either veterinary students originally from Nebraska or from Nebraska licensed practitioners who are NVMA members.


Applications will be considered twice annually by the NCSF board of directors at their January and September meetings. Applications must be submitted by January 1st or September 1st of each year.


Currently, scholarship recipients are eligible to receive up to $ 4,500 reimbursement for expenses incurred while pursuing certification. Reimbursement is limited to expenses incurred after the application is accepted. NCSF recognizes that most certification programs involve a series of training sessions that may be taken over several years. Reimbursement payments will be made upon receipt of proof of attendance and an associated expense report for each session.


Please have all of your information ready before you begin filling out the online form. You may not save the form and then come back to it later -- it must be completed in one sitting. All information will be held in strictest confidence by the Foundation.

It is our aim to get to know you as well as possible through this application. With this in mind,
please describe why you feel you should be considered for a Landholm scholarship. Please
include your perception of veterinary acupuncture and how it applies to veterinary medicine. In
addition, describe how you will incorporate veterinary acupuncture and its related modalities into your practice.